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--Lap Progz--


This is where you can get most of the progz that where on AOITkicker and im still adding more...
--Dexpot-- Almost everything you need

Dexpot is one of the most asked for progz from AOITkicker. This prog has: Multiple desktops (up to 20), Diffrent icons on each desktop, diffrent wallpaper on each desktop, hide start, tray icons, or the whole taskbar, transparency, passwords for each desktops, and lots more.
This is a MUST download

Download Dexpot

--Multidesk-- Simple and nalstalgic

This is the original multidesk that has a max of 9 desks. No fancy icons, wallpapers, or tranparency. This is the simple original.

Download Multidesk

--Multidesk Lite-- The one that started the search

This prog is (or was) a good prog. It has features much like Dexpot, but with out the transpareny or the hotkeys. So this takes away completely your game-hiding quikness. Oh, and another thing... Its in French... have fun!

Download Multidesk Lite


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